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Chris Norton

Chris Norton was active in the physical fitness business.  Chris has helped develop a number of facilities throughout the United States and represents a number of major workout equipment companies.  As a manufacturer’s representative for several companies, Chris places a substantial number of different types of  equipment (cardio, weights, strength, and all the traditional machines).  One of the major sources of business are the large public and private companies that promote wellness by providing a full workout facility.  Working with a medical director of a large public company, one of the key corporate leaders noted that it would be helpful to know when and to what extent employees were using certain pieces of equipment.  Chris is not a techy but he had a vision of developing a device for each piece of equipment that would tract both usage and maintenance for each piece of exercise equipment.  Founder, in a trial and error process, finally found someone who could assist in developing the software.  Once the software was developed and proved to meet the specs, the patent has been applied for and is pending. This patent has a number of other commercial and industrial applications. The underlying technology can be white labeled to handle many  needed industrial applications such field services for monitory equipment such as generators, for security and for many applications associated with the oil and gas industry. With the plans for growth and the building of additional intellectual property, the Founder recognizes that the Intellectual Property Rights must be held in NHI.  In August of 2018, Founder formed a Texas Corporation.  In consideration of the Founder continuing to own a controlling interest in the Company and serving as its President, he is signing this Agreement as a memorialization of the mutual promises and conditions contained herein.  The assignment of rights includes all rights in the Intellectual Property that were acquired while Founder was a sole proprietor as well as rights that have or may be acquired while working for NHI.