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BlueClerk- The Basics

BlueClerk software is a checks and balances software for field and industrial services.  On many commercial and residential sites different workers stop by at different times of the day.  With BlueClerk, have your workers and field techs scan in every time work is performed.  Run reports, send work orders, and build greater relationships with customers.

BlueClerk tags are set to location and job site, and connect technicians in the field to tangible units.  Save time and become more efficient with full reports of work history by tech and job on site, just from scanning the tag.

BlueClerk-More Than Scanning

After field techs scan tags and record work, managers and dispatchers can instantly see results in the web interface.  Highlight work performed, edit anything needed, and generate a work order.  Send work orders directly to customers.  No more double entry, no more second guessing work.  Just simple reports, right on the web.



Attach sensors directly to AC units, heaters, and all other types of units. Technicians can see complete records of previous work, manuals, and record services.


The restaurant industry is fast paced and required managers and owners to have perform a variety of positions.  Keep your place of business clean and running efficiently with employees scanning tags when work is completed.

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Commercial Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Washing units, refrigeration, restaurants, etc.  The Dasol Group’s system and BlueClerk software can be connected to any machine.


Scan tags on site, see work history, record new work, and many other functions